Steve Ressler

Good answer from Mark Forman, former US CIO

Mark Formanthis requires leadership from OMB or the CIO Council working with the Dep Secs (aka the President’s Mgmt Council). We seem to have gone back to the future here with the Future First shared services initiatives relearning the E-gov/Lines of Business consolidations. It takes lots of aligned people working as a team with a good conops independent of agency parochialism, support (or at least willingness to cooperate from the Appropriators), a viable solution (based on a solid business case analysis), and people running it who understand data and technology migration. That’s a heavy lift in any environment. Is it cross-agency consolidation doable in today’s budget climate that is driving strong parochial defense of program budgets? Do you think the Appropriators will buy-in? Will the PMC? Will the Whitehouse exert business transformation leadershipship here?