Julie Chase

Thank you Neil and Gov Loop guy. You talk “to me” not at me. I rec’d the database when a former employee retired over 10 yrs ago. I didn’t know Access from Adams housecat, much less “how” to use it. Once I “learned” (on my own) how to enter the data, I wanted to know “how” it was built like it was. I went to an Access class at my installation to learn Access 2003 (we have 2007 now). Talk about Greek, I was lost. Our organization uses this database to record inventory (only for OUR organization). There were many discussions about utilizing Share Point for storage vs. a local shared “drive” (not on the NMCI or NGen network). In their infinate wisdom, Uncle Sams Misguided Children HQ computer gurus did not want Share Point clogged with things such as our database, which we are “required” to keep according to regulation/publication/directive XXXX 5, subpart 2, section 5 para. 10a. Everyone in the office has access to it, in case I get hit by a bus or something, but they don’t enter anything into it or pull reports out of it.

I read about the Android’s (on NextGov) now albe to share/transmit gov data in DC, but here, we ask for wireless needed for our mission and we are told NO “security reasons”, and as for the “Cloud”, DoD is very wary of putting anything in/on the Cloud. Our organization doesn’t have “classified” computers or data, so I don’t see what the big deal is. Our software vendors are baffled and the “purchasing” people are aghast at “buying” software online and “downloading” it.

I thought, “well, how about this, we transfer funds to IT, IT buys and downloads the software and gives us back the laptop. Oh NO, not happening. We have to “research” this, form a “committee” have a few meetings, talk to IA…….nah, just forget it, I don’t want to wait two years to get it done only find the software is now outdated. (and yes, that actually happened to us)