Steve Ressler

Great answer from the discussion on our Linkedin Govloop group:

My take on this issue would be that it really depends on who is responsible for the ongoing care and feeding of the application and it’s operating environment (ie: Sharepoint, VS Basic, …). I am going on the premise here that the operating environment is corporate ….

I believe that I/T should notify the business unit that their application may or may not survive operating environment upgrade and maintenance activities and that they should be prepared to allot additional development or maintenance resources in support of their application.

The bottom line for me is that I/T is a corporate resource for, at minimum, stable and agile computing platforms. The other pertinent given is that business units expect these platforms to be in place for them to run their applications. The co-dependencies between applications and their operating environments must be managed at a corporate level and anything that threatens the established balance MUST be very closely managed. There’s nothing like finding those mission critical applications that break only because they were not maintained during their operational life !!