Julie Chase

Hello <meekly entering the room>. I, am the end user. I use and maintain a large Access database on shared drive with my organization. If anything happened to that database, we would be “toast”. Our local IT is aware of it. They don’t seem to be concerned about it. I used to back it up on a thumb drive every night, until DoD, banned thumb drives. I have a 1 TB external hard drive (which took mountains of paperwork and time to purchase) and I back it up on that. Do I have a problem with our local installation IT? No, not at all. They are as dumbfounded as I.

These are the problems we are having:

* we would like to go wireless, we were told NO, for security reasons

* we “need” to go wireless as the software we use is headed in that direction, we were told too bad, NO

I am not sure what you all mean by “shadow software” other than I think it means that organizations are buying software and putting on their machines (which we are not allowed to do) and when something goes awry, call IT and they have no idea what you are talking about.

As and end user, my dream, my wish is:

* a streamlined way to purchase, download and apply software needed for my organization without a mountain of paperwork and the approval of 20 people I do not know and know nothing about my organization or it’s mission

* I would like to purchase hardware that doesn’t take 6 months to a year to get into my hands

* I would like the paranoia of wireless applications to decrease dramatically especially if it has NOTHING to do with “classified” whatever

* I would like a team approach with our local IT as we have with our Comptroller and Contracting Dept. A team is assigned to work with “our organization” and “knows” all about what we do, what we need and how to help us get there

Is that so much to ask?