Just a Guy.

It was the FBI, that was mentioned in the article. Which is DOJ.

Also, it wasn’t any real issue other than the fact that Google had employees in Europe and EU law conflicted with US in the mandate for document signing by company staff. So Google couldn’t promise that an EU employee would sign the documents required or that it would be legally enforce-able within the EU.

The real issue is that the FBI and numerous other organizations don’t build documents for their requirements that work in a globalized workforce. Frankly, all this tells me is that by yet another spectrum, government will be locked down into their own worlds and not adapt to future technologies purely because there is no money involved in their work. Companies are motivated by profits. If the CEO gets less money because some employee didn’t bother with due diligence, they axe the employee and get a go-getter. That’s the nature of the beast.

In the way of contrast, our executives serve two year terms, make initiatives, and by the time groups get towards moving in on completing them, a new executive moves in. So the executive gets to mark down that they “started a bold new initiative”, but there is no real follow through, and the next guy might tack in a new direction depending on what industry the new executive was in previously.

Without ownership on IT’s side, and their executives (longer than 2 year terms), which is what the original post was about (which I totally diverged from), there is no movement. Which is fine. I got my side projects for non-profits.