Just a Guy.

I think that the lack of focus on hardware within our current agencies is causing a fundamental lack of change.

With the cloud, we don’t need hardware. We don’t need $20 million dollar licensed and supported software systems that really just break down when implemented agency-wide.

We only need developers in this scenario. A server, just like any car, loses value the second we drive it off the lot. I have $700 DL380 G5’s in my basement that are 6 times more powerful than what I use in my current position at times.

I currently have 3 servers in the cloud under my control. They cost me $9 a month. They provide database services for 3 different non-profit projects. Some of them are locked down by firewall, so that only they can get access, some by the nature of the system requirements are not.

I can spin up more resources in a flash if necessary, and I can tear down servers in the same timeframe.

Data Centers are safe in private industry. We generally contract out for our own security needs. At those data centers they keep those assets on site, and permanently hired.

Why the hold up? Shadow systems are not the problem. It is use of budgetary resources that cause us to have our problems. Every new release of Oracle, every new release of this or that. We have people migrating databases that are working just fine. Why not just regard hardware as a service? With the kind of money our budgets could throw at it, we could get rid of these old servers.. broken platforms and just code. The discounts thrown our way would be immense. The owner of the resource then updates their platform, updates their services, and lowers their own cost as hardware becomes cheaper every year.