Candace Riddle

1. 2011 made it clear that the world is more connected than ever. I think 2012 will provide more opportunities to drive this point home. Whether it be via social media, or the realization that tensions on the other side of the globe can send prices at the pump soaring…I think the average citizen will finally start to understand a truly globalized world and economy.

2. Telework initiatives will finally help the Federal Government capitalize on young talent who may have previously sought higher paying jobs in the private sector, or who may have left for greater work/ life balance.

3. #2 Above will not alleviate Beltway gridlock any time soon.


4. The world will NOT end as the Mayans predicted…although as the Earth, Sun, and center of the galaxy align…we could be sucked into the black hole that exists between Election Day and Inauguration Day.