Denise Petet

Peoples frustration with ‘the government’s’ inability to get things done will manifest itself more and more in physical demonstrations. ‘Occupy wall Street’ is just the tip of the ice berg to come. (People are frustrated and feel helpless and will act out because they will feel it’s the only way to be heard). I think our leaders have one last chance to listen and change their attitudes and actions, or they’re going to find themselves being made to change.

Doomsday and armageddon will be so incredibly over hyped by the media that it will be stoked to a fever pitch. there’ll be the expected doomsday cults and suicides, but, in some ways, it’ll be 1999 all over again. Where people were so convinced that 2000 would end it all that they made crashes happen. (everyone was so afraid that the world was going to end and that the stocks would crash that they made them crash by mass selling) Wall Street is only as secure as people believe it is, and the fear of ancient prophecies and theories will fuel economic uncertainty.

On the bright side, once we get to 2013 and we’re all still here things will start to recover. I think we have one more year before things start to turn around.