Julie Chase

I work semi-industrial. I work in the office most of the day and go out into a larger industrial area off and on during the day. I love wearing my jeans “everyday”. I’m not the skirt and heels type, and if I ever have to start wearing pantyhose again, check my forehead, I may have a fever. UGGG….. I don’t mind wearing steel toe shoes, as Sketchers has some great ones (that Uncle Sam provides for me), you would never know they are steel toe. Most of the WG rent uniforms or they have the option of jeans and t shirt or shirt. I wouldn’t trade my dress code for anything. I do get “funny looks” when I go to training (mostly from the women). I am usually the person the “customer” is looking for when they come to my office. I am truly a “blue-collar” girl at heart. And working with mostly men is a benefit and cuts the “catty-ness” of an all women office down to size.