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I worked for an inventor for a couple of years while he launched one of his products as a start up company. I pretty much handled the start up and met with him and his financial partner every month to review receivables and payables. The remainder of the time he was holed up in his design lab where he did all his research and development. NO ONE got to hang out there, everything was locked up every day, he didn’t discuss any invention with anyone till he had done his patent search, figured out his marketing strategies and found a manufacturer and eveyone he brought into the circle signed very very legal documents about disclosing anything about what he was doing.

You are right about convenience. Copyrights and patents even without the internet are difficult to do without someone copying and undercutting you. In the beginning of my life I wanted to be a fashion designer. I had a portfolio and went around to major companies looking for a job. That summer, one company used a number of my designs. I sought out a lawyer. I was penniless looking for a job and the company knew this. They could steal and it would be too costly for me to go after them. It’s a dog eat dog world out there and I wasn’t cut out for such cutthroat activity. I was highly flattered that they did feel my designs were worth stealing. Still have my original drawings.

At about that same time I met a lady whose husband and his partner created the micro chip. They sold it for what they thought at the time was a fortune. Walked away with a sum of cash that looks like chump change to us now. They had all the patents but not good business sense. Some people you can’t save from themselves.

Mine was stolen, theirs was sold for way to cheap. We both lost. Still don’t think SOPA will stop the criminals. It’s easier to prosecute the non criminal types and that is where I see this going.