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Robert Bacal

Thomas, I’ve answered your first question several times in this thread. Your second question assumes a great deal, and I fear echos the “MY rights” approach to life, a sense of entitlement that we’re going to see a lot of in the next months. It’s not about repression, but if it is, what about the folks that have had to lay off staff, and/or have gone bankrupt because the value of their intellectual property has dropped to zero because others have broken the law and copied and distributed their creative products all over the net. I know a number of people in just that situation in 2011 who, as a result of piracy of their online articles, have lost access to their customers. REAL PEOPLE, who most never hear about.

The laws, and in particular, the DMCA don’t work. Even if you don’t create stuff, if you want to have music, movies, and have access to Internet content that has real value to you, for learning, whatever, then there needs to be some means of allowing producers to protect their investments.

As for follow the money, consider YouTube, its parent Google, and other large, powerful, and rich companies that can make it possible for people to steal, and become hugely rich because they are not held accountable. Those companies are the big winners if the DMCA isn’t changed.

But heck. For over ten years, I’ve posted my articles and materials free on the Internet, and have had MILLIONS of people read, and make use of them. Guess what? About 8 months ago, I stopped. I haven’t been victimized that badly in terms of piracy (my stuff isn’t of much interest to pirates), but many of my colleagues have been, and have closed down, laid off people, because they can’t even cover the costs and time involved in generating the good material people can learn from.

So, what about MY rights? I’m not rich, and neither are my writer and website colleagues, and while the major studios have lawyers to sue everyone right and left, we do not. So, we leave.