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Mark Hultgren

If we are talking about Warez and Crackz sites, I fully agree that they should be shut down. But when it goes into the side of a small business owner that purchased the ‘Rights’ to a piece of background music and needs to provide the licensing documentation for each loop included with the submissions, it is taking things way too far.

Next thing you know, there will be lawsuits for using a series of musical chords in a certain sequence because someone used that same sequence in one of their songs. We REALLY need to stop this madness now!

Artists should be paid royalties for their work, but how much really gets to the artist? It is the lawyers and agents that take the lion’s share of the proceeds. We need to reign in the litigious attorneys that abuse the law and start looking at more of a ‘common sense’ application of the law.

I read a piece last week about how ‘silly’ some of the Blue Laws sound but is SOPA any different? This bill NEEDS to be killed before it goes any further for ALL of our safety!