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Peter Sperry

So you are willing to work for free? Why should a song writer do so? The question is not whether intellectual property owners deserve protection. The question is whether SOPA is the right response. If someone violates a patent or copyright, they steal from the owner just as if they had taken cash or other valuables. But we do not close down pawn shops for inadvertently accepting stolen goods (unless they make a habit of it). We make them turn over the property and maybe pay a small fine (again, only if they had some culpability). The same logic should apply to web hosting sites. They should be required to take down the material which violates copyright. If, and only if, DOJ has probable cause which would stand up in court; more serious sanctions may be warrented against sites that deliberately promote copyright violations. But allowing wholesale site shutdowns without due process goes way to far. Copyright piracy is a very serious problem but SOPA is not the correct response.