Jaime Gracia

Candace – Basic is just another word for practical, and these suggestions are interesting. I am a big advocate of automation, and feel that every contracting shop needs to have a current, automated contract solution that can be used for contract formation and administration. Until that day happens, which is not anytime soon, we are stuck with organizations that are using antiquated system for everything, with no standardization, and of course downloading everything to Excel. You can not download data from any federal entity these days that is not in Excel format, and the IGCEs developed that I have seen over the last few years have all been Excel. I do not believe this training will be necessarily more expensive than other training, but perhaps the normal Excel 101 courses offered by many commercial vendors (i.e. Learning Tree) can be tailored to be Excel 101 for Government.

Any manager and future leader should have this facilitation course you mention and leadership training as a mandatory requirement. Can you imagine the hours wasted over the years in worthless meetings?