Dale S. Brown

Hey, thank you for requesting boomer participation! I always think of gov loop for young people mostly. Anyway, my third act is lots of fun, I retired from US DOL and now have a column, the Civil Service Career Coach for NARFE.

My last project was making the DOL Employment Workshop accessible for wounded warriors. It was exciting- I think it is the first major adult education national training that is universally designed so that people with disabilities can participate fully. The DOL Employment Workshop (once called TAP) is offered to every separating member of the military to help them find jobs. I wrote universal design criteria, trained the instructors, wrote material throughout the curriculum for wounded warriors, wrote a resource guide, and trained the first group of trainers. I can’t thank Microsystems Automation Group, VETS, DOL, DOD, and the rest of the team for making this possible.

Jane Fonda mentions Man’s Search for Meaning by Victor Frankl. That book changed my life – read it if you haven’t. Thanks for sharing…I really appreicate it.