Jo Youngblood

I actually coordinated just this last year a series on project management that incorporates not just PMI material but also MIT Open Courseware material as well as some other resources. The real point was to educate ourselves on project management principles, see where we are already doing some of these things and evaluate where we could do some of these things better. Although all my agency does is research (projects), I don’t think a central PMO would be appropriate. Each group within the agency has very different needs regarding the format, sponsor, stakeholders, resources, expertise, etc. Some groups are more projectized and others are a mixed matrix. A central PMO would only attempt to force a square peg into a round hole. Instead we’re utilizing a shared file system and posting templates that can be adopted and utilized across the agency. So we are centralizing material and information (goes more towards those knowledge assets under Organizations Process Assets if you’re following along with PMI), but we’re not suggesting these items to be policy because they don’t work for everyone. Also, some projects are too small in budget to effectively engage in formalized project management practices. Sometimes you take the methodology for the benefits it gives you and sometimes you leave it behind because of the cost in executing the methodology.