Candace Riddle

2) Greater uniformity: There are dozens of different appraisal systems used by agencies. The problem is that the performance appraisal at one agency doesn’t always fit the interests of another agency looking to recruit an executive. Now agencies will be broadly bound (over a phase in period) to evaluating execs using a more uniform approach

Eh, this is good and bad. Each agency is different and the overarching mission, vision, values and goals of each are different. Not really sure how they can streamline this.

Using performance results as a basis for pay, awards, development, retention, removal and other personnel decisions.

The bookExtreme Government Makeover claims that pay for performance is a horrible idea. Most of the time the monies allocated for pay for performance are implemented in a skewed curve fashion. So even if 90% of your workforce is performing above average, you only have the resources to reward the top 10%. The book claims that this actually hurts performance and workplace morale. I think they make a pretty good argument for it.

The new criteria

Overall…Kudos. Glad to see that they finally put this stuff in plain English. Especially number 2. It is sooooo important to have leadership that can communicate and get the individual to understand that their performance is related to the agencies overarching goals, values, mission, and vision.

2. Leading People
Designs and implements strategies that maximize employee potential, connect the organization horizontally and vertically, and foster high ethical standards in meeting the organization’s vision, mission, and goals. Provides an inclusive workplace that fosters the development of others to their full potential; allows for full participation by all employees; facilitates collaboration, cooperation, and teamwork, and supports constructive resolution of conflicts. Ensures employee performance plans are aligned with the organization’s mission and goals, that employees receive constructive feedback, and that employees are realistically appraised against clearly defined and communicated performance standards. Holds employees accountable for appropriate levels of performance and conduct. Seeks and considers employee input. Recruits, retains, and develops the talent needed to achieve a high quality, diverse workforce that reflects the nation, with the skills needed to accomplish organizational performance objectives while supporting workforce diversity, workplace inclusion, and equal employment policies and programs.