Paul Alberti

Interesting questions and probably more than just a discussion box. I tell my kids and others who seem to need guidance – if you are not comfortable with yourself, you will never be comfortable in other relationships; that includes personal and professional relationships. If you cannot manage your own life, time management, finances, work/self-balance, etc. you will always be like Sisyphus pushing that rock up that mountain.

I learned as a 2LT to be early for meetings, early on deadlines and anticipate requirements. You only get locked out of one meeting with the Battalion Commander for showing up ten minutes late. My other guidance is make all the mistakes at the level you are at once and learn from them. You can’t make GS7 mistakes as a GS9, etc. There are plenty of mistakes to be made in life, don’t waste time repeating them.

I still struggle with owning the solutions to every problem that comes up. It took me a very long time to learn when to say no to some problems. Taking on everything means you eventually can’t do anything well. Learn what you can effectively manage and accomplish, then say no to the rest. Let them become someone else’s opportunity to excel!
Hope this gets the discussion started!