Anyone else been bombarded with Facebook contests? (stroller giveaway, free shipping on an item, 50% a product, etc.) I hate those. I’ve been harassed by friends for their votes.

The way it works is your friend asks you to “like” a company page from which they’d like to receive a giveaway. You then have to locate and “like” your friend’s comment on the company page or specific photo the company is advertising. The individual who’s comment receives the most “likes” gets the giveaway. DID YOU FOLLOW THAT??

Facebook is not where I want to get my competitive fix. If I want that (which I don’t) I’ll head to eBay or Craig’s List.

Never thought I’d say it, but I’d rather leave Facebook for the “kid just vomited on my shirt” status updates – or viewing 104 photos from my company’s latest community awareness event.