Jack Shaw

I’m glad no one is taking this seriously. Just the thought of allowing a vehicle to point out what annoys us as readers (and writers) and answering the question makes us feel superior. It would be nice to have a sense of camaraderie. We aren’t all the smartest or the wisest. Mostly we have enough time on our hands during our work day (some write at night, I’ll admit) to write about what bugs us. I am irritated by vindictive, by saying something to make someone feel inadequate to the task, by saying you haven’t a clue. Please pardon the cliche, but “this isn’t rocket science.” Most of you are younger than me and enthusiastic. You want to succeed. You want to look good. Here’s what happens when we don’t truly “see” each other. We aren’t face-to-face, which is a disadvantage, and even then we are judgmental of others.