Steve Ressler

-Definitely open space like NYC Open Bullpen but also need for breakout-rooms to rent, conference rooms
-Definitely need an event space to hold gatherings of 50-200 people for guest speakers and more
-Definitely need the Google-style fridges with good free food, Odwalla smoothies, coffee, etc
-Awesome great wifi
-Ping pong tables
-Ideally you could have your own regular space if you are usually there…but also have some open space to hang out if you are a visitor or just for a week
-Lots of new tech/gadgets to tech – tablets, phones, video, etc

-Have a wall where people take their photos to post, or Facebook’s Idea wall
-A great library with papers, magazines, books, etc
-Regular meetups – stuff like GSA First Friday usability that normally do
-Mix of folks – not just tech folks…make sure we get acquisition, program people , HR, etc

Some good examples:

http://generalassemb.ly/ (General Assembly – love it)

MIT Media Lab