Denise Petet

Totally, it’s not just young men. Youtube is full of idiots doing stupid things and then posting them, all in this ‘let’s hope I go viral so I can get my 15 minutes of fame….and hey profit sharing in the ad views isn’t too bad either’ motivation. Or maybe just lacking the sense of propriety to say ‘yeah, that shouldn’t be on tape’.

The key to having any progress over there is to win over the civilians. Things like this just make it easier for those same civilians to believe the ‘evil american dogs’ rhetoric the taliban puts out.

It’s kinda like, I was at a convention for a show and a member of the show’s cast had passed away, so his widow came out to say a few words. Most of us put our cameras down. We didn’t take photos…but a few did. And there’s that invisible and ever shifting line of what you CAN document and what you SHOULD document.

These gentlemen doing what they did was bad enough. I’m not condemning them, I haven’t been in their shoes and I’m not in their heads. And it’s hard to have respect for the very same people that would happily murder you as soon as look at you and who will cheer loudly as they drag your naked corpse through the street.

But having it be the equivalent of an ‘urban legend’ is one thing. Having it be documented and proven another. That video should never have been taken, and anyone that had knowledge of its existence should have confiscated and destroyed all copies.