Denise Petet

The thing that strikes me about this is – beyond the RAMPANT stupidity of videotaping such an event – ‘we’ take offense when we see ‘teh bad guys’ cheering in the streets when one of our birds go down or people die, yet we did exactly the same when Osama died. I’m glad they buried him at sea. I’m glad photos were never shown to the public. Someone has to take the high ground and a bit of practicality, like NOT tossing gasoline on a bonfire.

Yet the hypocrisy is on both sides. We’re not to treat ‘their guys’ poorly and they scream if we do…but our captured soldiers certainly aren’t put up in a nice hotel suite with room service.

I have no doubt that similar hasn’t happened to some of our dead, (in fact worse has happened i’m sure) but the Iranians or Afghans are smart enough not to document the event, and if they do it sure as heck won’t end up on youtube.

It’s not just respect for the enemy, it’s education on the larger picture. And yes, who cares about teh big picture when you’re getting shot at and nothing is perfect and there are things that happen in the heat of the moment…but sometimes what happens after the battle lasts longer than the battle itself.

Like was said, we’re taking kids, immature young men, training them, tossing them into horrible, brutal combat, and they’re just taught to follow orders. They’re taught not to think, to do as they are told (unless that order violates major rules) then we expect them to think ahead and look at the long term when they’re away from leadership? they need to be taught how to think, how to consider what their actions are, not per se, in combat, but after the fact.

If you’re going to do something this stupid, do not compound that stupidity by documenting it.