Julie Chase

Nancy, you must be high up on the food chain to be able to pay 100% ability to use your smart phone for personal and work use. Outside the beltway, it’s a whole different ballgame, especially in DoD. Yes, the issue is, and continues to be “security”.

When the final bell rings at the end of my shift, all gov anything, “shuts off”. I’m not paid to work beyond a certain time, as are most folks in any job. Being on call (for the WG’s) requires union input and a minimum of 2 hours pay, if an employee is contacted to “perform any work”. The GS’s just don’t answer their phone.

I do agree that in this day and age we cannot provide secure access. When our thumb drives were banned, we were told it was due to the mal-ware, spy-ware, chips that “may” be in the thumb drives, “all of which” are made overseas. So here’s an idea. How about the US manufacture their “own” thumb drives. Those issued to gov employees would have their CAC info on it attached to their gov issue desk top, laptop, Ipad, whatever. Are we that dependent upon technology developed outside the US? Sad, really.