Julie Chase

I have to ask,,,,WHY? Why would any sane gov employee want Uncle Sam on anything “personal”? Reminds me of the movie, “My Stepmother is an Alien”, with that little snake thing peering out of her purse. NO THANK YOU. But what do I know.

By the way…..if you work here, you would be SOL on syncing your personal phone with gov work. It takes an act of Congress, a pile of paperwork, long waits for approvals to get a gov issued Blackberry. Like most, I carry my personal cell phone to work with me, it works in my building. However, in some bldgs. on the installation, you have to “go outside” to get your cell phone to work, even your gov issue Blackberry (for those who are mangerial positions GS12 and above). DoD is not ready to jump on the bandwagon.

What are the penalties for “losing”, “misplacing”, “it fell on the ground and broke” issues? A gov issue cell phone “is” GOVERNMENT PROPERTY along with it’s content.

Maybe those of you in the “high” end GS jobs in DC are used to having the latest and the greatest. Just want to let you know, this is not so outside the beltway. At our tenant command, cell phones are banned & getting caught with one, could get you days on the beach.

Working semi-industrial an IPAD would be a step in the right direction vs. the desk tops sitting in industrial work spaces gathering every bit of dust, chemicals, dirt and what ever floats through the air. For us, hand held devices that we were lucky enough to procure involved a time consuming lengthy process of paperwork and levels of approval. Yes, these devices “are” capable of wireless mobility, however, that technology is not available to us at this time, so we are using them in the most basic operation.

Outside of DoD, new technology is ready out of the box. Inside DoD, and it’s many functions, (i.e. military), we have not moved into the millenium. It’s like repeating Dec. 31st, 1999 over and over again.