Julie Chase

Jerry, I am an end user, you will have to explain the SBU acronym. As much as I can answer, NMCI is going to the boneyard and is going to be and/or is, replaced by NexGen. This is our “outsourced” IT contract. We knew a few years ago that outsourced IT would be a bad idea. It was, and is. I like the good ‘ol days, when you pick up the phone and call the IT desk “at your local installation” and the person who answers the phone (vs. a press 1 press 2) “KNOWS” who you are, what bldg. you are in and can solve the problem in less than a day. “Security wins over innovation and/or the current directive/publication/NAV order, etc. etc. etc. If the order/directive states what you will do (or not do), you “shall” follow it.

Remember in DoD, it all about the “process” not the “result”. It is the order/directive that says NO, and the person on the other end of the phone is the one telling you what the order says. And as a courtesy will email you the order.