Julie Chase

1. DoD, DoN, USMC installations, NOT ALLOWED, no wireless, so it is written, so let it be done. Reason: SECURITY

2. Email/Internet access at work can only be obtained from your work desktop computer that NMCI/NexGen provides for you. The DoN superhighway is very slow because there are new firewall and security measures downloaded daily. Office 2007 email (work email) is allowed for business purposes only. You are not allowed to go to your Gmail, yahoo mail or any other email that is not connected to your job. Internet sites, especially OCONUS are blocked. Any forum, message board, etc., some are blocked, some are not. Gov Loop is BLOCKED.

2a. Ah yes, the cloud. The jury is still out on papa DoD whether he wants it or not, right now, it’s not happening. We are allowed to purchase (at Uncle Sams expense) external hard drives for storage purposes. Due to the poorly executed contract with NMCI/NexGen, our storage space is very limited.

2b. Apps? Surely you jest. Only GS12’s in a supervisory position may request a blackberry type cell phone. My supervisor didn’t want one. Good for him. Who wants to be tethered to Unlce Sam 24/7, and God forbid should something happen to that phone. It is “accountable property” after all.

2c. Amazon cloud, as in Amazon, the online superstore??? Oh, that is BLOCKED, big warning banner comes up if you dare try to get to it.

3. They (DoD, DoN, USMC) are securing it, by NOT having it.


1. manufacture thumb drives here in the US, controlled by the US, distributed throughout government IT offices and doled out as such. If the chinese can track us, via thumb drive, then it only stands to reason, that innovators in the US, can produce thumbdrives that will be connected to the user (signed for) and tracked. Gee, whoda thunk it? Start manufacturing IT here in the US, and maybe, just maybe, papa DoD will soften his heart.

2. Laptops, wireless, required to do our mission. Speed up the procurement process. Software needed to do our mission, new or updated. Again, speed up the procurement process. And, look ma, no more software CD’s sent through the mail. Vendors are now asking clients to go “online”, purchase “online”, and “download” the software directly to “whatever”. No, not allowed. And the big news is, wireless. (yeah, I know we are about 5 or more years behind). Vendors are asking us to connect to their servers with our laptops to get access to their software (after purchase). Well, no can do. We don’t have wireless.

Thank you OP, I hope the CIO reads GovLoop, unless of course, it’s blocked. ;o)