Julie Chase

I agree Terry, however, such items have to come out of your own pocket, not gov funds. One of our other organizations got in a big trouble for purchasing T-shirts with the organizations logo on it. They didn’t think nothing of it and whomever has their govcc, “bought” the shirts. A big, big NO-NO. After that hulaballoo, every organization had an immediate audit of everything they purchased. The comptoller team came in and looked at every purchase made over the last year. If a card holder bought any “clothing”, this includes “rain coats”, “reflective rain gear”, sunglasses, hats, t-shirts, sweats, lanyards, the round pull type badge clips, clear plastic badge holders, “gloves” (other than for “safety”) (gloves to keep your hands warm are a no-no) and yes “food or drink” of any type. Awards are “once” a year, and not everyone gets an award. There are no attaboys either, like my DH’s command. Consider yourself lucky that “attaboys” are awarded….it’s not happening here.