Julie Chase

Our organization has a few such events a year. We always have the Thanksgiving and Christmas luncheons, we invite spouses, children and yes, we invite the retirees from our organization to join us if they are in town. At Christmas we get a little money from MWR.

Around the 2nd week of October we celebrate the end of the fiscal year. This harrowing hell begins around August 1st – until all the money is shut off, credit cards to $0 around the 20th of September. To re-group and appreciate our talents and just getting through the end of fy hell, we have a cookout. The main supervisors provide the meat, hotdogs or hamburgers, and everyone else brings a covered dish of some type. Spouses don’t go to this one as we all get a chance to chill out. It is usually held the Thursday or Friday before Columbus Day, as Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children are off to their 96, and customers are at a slow down. It’s not done all day, just for about an hour and half. If a customer comes in, he/she is served immediately, so that is never an issue.

As for the Thanksgiving and Christmas, they are all pot luck. We cook a pig or steaks, (the supervisors buy the meat), nothing comes out of government funds. Other organizations have been known to shut down for 1/2 day, (usually in the afternoon) for their Christmas luncheons.

In the spring we have a fish fry right around Easter time, again the marines are heading out for a 96. Pot lucks work for us as there are less than 30 of us and easy to pull together. Another organization has a field day cookout, they even have bean bag races, and other activities, but they don’t take all day and are scheduled around a spring or summer holiday.