I have two conflicting views on this topic:

1. With the ability to be connected to everyone and everything at the swipe of a smartphone, I can feel a little overwhelmed when diving into social media channels. Filtering the amount of data that makes it’s way to my screen requires time, time I do not have. Thus I will sometimes not even bother to utilize social media forums in the first place.

2. Again, given the ability to connect, this is the most amazing way to communicate anything and everything, to anyone! Stories that often fell short of explaining emotions, visions, humor, etc. have now materialized into uploaded photos and real time status updates located via GPS to convey any story the way the teller would like. This allows any individual the ability to share and write their own stories, the way they want. I think this is the largest appeal for people and businesses alike.

Much like Andy said, you no longer need a camcorder or a telephone to share your experiences, you can do them with your tablet, smartphone, or personal computer.

Overall, life has improved… tremendously. At the same time, I don’t feel the greatest knowing there may eventually be a generation out there that continuously interacts with the world through a screen (Computer, TV, Tablet, Phone, Video Games, Video and Phone Messaging). At some point, something should serve as a forcing function for good old face to face experiences. There is no substitute.