Interesting. I can relate to this…but first a couple parallels:

1. In my twenties, I used to share significant life experiences with my parents. I’d call them when I was visiting an interesting city or at a unique event. In that moment, I’d think, “My mom/dad would appreciate this…”

2. On vacations or during holidays, I always have my camera on the ready. I am more keenly aware that I want to capture these special times, somehow recording them for future reminiscing and enjoyment.

3. Not only do I have the Facebook Eye, but I am inclined to return to those posts to see if anyone has commented or liked them. I want it to be something that is noticed and/or valuable to anyone who might be paying attention.

All of these behaviors represent moments when I was attuned to sharing beyond the present situation. Authors, artists and others throughout history have likely picked up pen or brush to capture the moment in similar ways. So this behavior is likely not new…but it begs bigger questions:

Why do we want to share our lives?

Does sharing somehow give our lives greater significance because we know it’s being seen by others – now and in the future?

My hunch: no one wants to be alone…or forgotten. So we share to feel significant…and we always will.