Earl Rice

In the US Federal Government, the Hatch Act is pretty restrictive in some ways though each administration changes it a bit. Example I can put up a picture of Mr. Obama, as long as it is an OFFICIAL Presidential portrait as The President. I can put up a picture of Governor Perry, as long as it is an official picture as the Governor of Texas. I can also put up a picture, if I am in it with the candidate in a non-political setting (i.e. Newt and I out fishing together on the lower Chesapeake). Outside of that, everything else is a no-go. Oh, and I can have a bumper sticker on my car. And, God help me if I try to campaign at work. Don’t know which would happen first, I would be crucified or I would be immediately terminated. That’s the maximum extent I can go at work (it gets more restrictive as the SES level). Outside of work I can do activities, but in no way shape or form can I use my position nor use my authority to support a candidate of my choosing for any office. From what I have seen, these rules have been closely followed by the Federal Employees (either voluntarily or with small nudging). Now, when you get to State and County and below (especially at County and below) a much more liberal attitude is taken, even to the point of active campaigning while on the clock if you are suppporting the incumbants.