I went through a couple reorgs in private sector during all the buyouts and merges. I was brutal as there were layoffs, downsizing, massive changes in every day activities. What I read doesn’t sound like it will be the same in this reorg. Reduction by attrition was mentioned.

The morale can be significantly improved by making sure information about every aspect is shared with employees and that they are actively included in coming up with the solutions and ideas about what their current functions are and how that can roll up. Meetings with the whole organization present, able to ask questions. Part of the conversation was, “It is happening, get on board and help or get off the train, you have choices.” Went through one that provided lots of support and another that just let things happen. The later was more stressful because of the lack of information or direction. It was even less stressful having it put as help or leave, rather than no info.

The good company (that kept communications high) also provided in house counselors for people who needed to talk about the changes. You or a group could schedule time for a therapy session. It helped a lot of people to have someone to vent to.