Samuel F Doucette

I work for the Air Force as a career civil servant. From Day 1 as an developmental intern, I was placed on a reorganization team. What non-DoD agencies fail to realize is that military organizations are constantly changing due to the constant churn in senior leadership (ie, flag officers) who have to “make their mark” on an organization to get promoted to their next level. A grizzled retired Chief Master Sergeant turned career civil servant advised me, “Don’t throw out your old org charts.” Now that I am the corporate memory in my office, I know what he meant as I’ve seen org changes come basically full circle.

My advice: 1) keep doing your job because the mission will continue regardless of the org box configuration; 2) stay flexible because change is the only constant; 3) don’t stress about things out of your control; and 4) position yourself as the corporate memory/in-house expert as org changes evolve and leaders rotate in and out.