Keena Cauthen

With so many knowledgable folks out here weighing in… my non-techie self has one question… If my son is dancing to a song on one of his favorite tv shows, and he’s so cute that I record it… then I post it on my Facebook page for my mom and family/friends who are all over the world to get to see, in my understanding this is infringement and I would be liable for “stealing” and “reproducing” that song on the internet. Is there any thought or look at the intent of the person posting? Are we no longer going to be able to share cute snippets of our lives with family and friends using the most modern communication avenues available? I mean, in the 80’s and 90’s, we would have grabbed our camcorder, recorded it, and shown it at every family or friendly gathering and no one was up in arms over it. Am I out on a limb, and these type of issues are not included in this whole “policing” idea? Don’t get me wrong, I am all for protecting movies, articles, books, songs, etc that folks have worked hard on and they should not be allowed to be copied and shared all for the purpose of getting something for free instead of paying for it… but the intent is really the difference here, I would think. Just trying to be as informed as possible… thanks all.