Robert Bacal

One more comment. I didn’t put this in any of my SOPA articles, so I’m adding it here. Under the current laws, someone can take my articles, my books, copy them, and put them on p*rn sites, or piracy sites to try to profit from them.

I’ve written and published over 300 articles on management, customer service, and a host of other topics, and made them available at no cost, because I love to write.

How would you feel if you found the contents of a book or article you wrote plastered with ads for p*rn?

Under current law, again as an example, I can’t do anything substantial to stop companies like google (who owns blogger, one of the worst piracy offenders, from allowing this kind of thing. In fact, blogger makes money from ads on just those kinds of situations. Sure, if I’m patient, and file a DMCA request, I “might” get them to take down the offending content. Maybe. But there’s no incentive for them to hire people to enforce the laws.