Robert Bacal

I don’t have lawyers. Neither do the hundreds of thousands of authors trying to squeeze out a living writing and publishing. Or, the millions of people writing on the Internet. In my examples, that I set out in one of my articles (I won’t repeat the link, since I’ve posted it above, I cite the case of one of my books published by McGraw-Hill uploaded in its entirety to ScribD. While McGraw-Hill has lawyers, I can also tell you that to find and take action to address the rampant piracy of McGraw-Hill books would take so many staffers you wouldn’t have any new books published.

I happen to occasionally look for pirated copies of my books, and I can tell you that virtually ALL of McGraw-Hill’s titles have been pirated. THOUSANDS of them. Even a large firm such as their’s, under current law, can do almost nothing but REQUEST that the copyright material be removed. Safe Harbor provisions (which I explained in one of my articles) PROTECTS the publishers of the material, and of course, pirates don’t distribute this material using their real names.

As for using the existing laws, the laws on copyright exist. It’s that under the current situation, the application and enforcement of those laws is impossible.

When you, and other readers who benefit from both free and paid content, in print and on the web will pay five dollars more per book bought, to fund the removal of content (you can’t get compensation under present laws), then we’ll talk. If you want more experts and books by experts, for example to be published, then allow “us” the ability to protect our ability to produce those for you to read.

Unless of course, you don’t care who and what you read, and will be satisfied by the free, poor content that nobody would buy, that’s available on the net.