Paul Boos

First I had a nice response and then when I wanted to paste a link in it all that was lost… sigh…

A gentleman that I met at Agile Coach Camp and I plan to develop an ontology for Agile Adoption sucesses and failures to help people discover and segment these so they can understand the context they are in… Thsi will allow people to understand potential pitfalls and tweaks they may need to do for Adoption.

I also want to segment your words a little bit, you’re asking about Agile project management vs Traditional project management as opposed to Agile software development vs Traditional software development. This leads me to a few questions:

Are you trying to apply it outside of teh software development domain?

Is there a particular Approach (Methodology) you are trying to apply? (Scrum, Crystal, etc.)

If you mean more on the software dev, what software engineering practices are you using? And by this I mean BDD, TDD, pair programming, etc. This makes a great deal of difference in terms of product quality.

If you don’t mean software development, what type of product development are you doing? To me, project management is meaningless when separated from teh product you are developing.

Now onto some specific answers…

First up, David Bland’s blog post talks about when Waterfall can be appropriate;


For the next two, I am going to point out a couple of books;

Reinventing Project Management by Shenhar and Dvir has some examples in it and can help you select approaches.

I’d also recommend Leading Lean Software Development (which actually has some great examples) by the Poppendiecks.

I also just got, but haven’t started reading yet, Lean from teh Trenches by Henrik Kniberg, which is supposed to have some great examples. This book is in the software domain though.

Hope that helps!


PS – if you would like to talk about a specific “case study”; I could go into details on one I had USDA for Scrum and our initial Kanban implementation here at OPP.