Anne Hasselbrack

When I work with PMs / COTRs / other technical people, I like to educate them on the big picture, and what the job of procurement is and why. I basically reiterate that when we are spending the government’s money we have certain rules, and here’s an overview of those rules. The theme of the latest training I provided was “communication”. I want them to know who to ask, and what situations (such as sole/single source justifications, high dollar values, and when buying services) they should let my group know of well in advance so we can work with them. When I was working in government and primarily with an IT Services group, I became their business advisor – I’d attend their meetings, and I learned about their organization to the best of my ability. Eventually I was able to foresee their requirements and understand the big “enterprise” picture. Ideally, there would be these types of business advisors for every key mission within each public and private sector organization. It was a great partnership. I’m of the mind that I’m not going to learn their job, and they’re not going to learn mine, so we have to talk if we’re going to be successful.