Steve Ressler

I had this exact same situation when I moved from DC to Tampa a few years ago. I was also a GS 13 IT specialist.

Here’s my advice:

-Know up front this is a long-term 6 month process

-Set up your USAJOBS searches so you are getting the openings for the areas you are looking for

-Network – at a certain point, I could tell most of the USAJOBS openings I was interested in were either at DOD MacDill Air Force Base or VA Bay Pines facilities. So I made a big push to meet people there. I actually attended a MacDill job fair in person (my wife was already in Tampa so I coordinated it with a visit to see her).

-Spend a ton of time on the application – For each application, I spent a significant amount of time writing KSAs, having friends review my KSAs, and making sure I hit every keyword. This takes a ton of time but you have to customize them.

-And I like Genio’s lateral. That’s actually what I ended up doing in the end.