Jeffrey Levy

First, I’m 100% with you on passing on credit and taking blame. I do both whenever I can.

As to your bigger question, I think you have to do some bragging. I don’t go overboard, but I do a few specific things:

  1. Share progress reports frequently (say, a few times/month). Not “WE ROCK!” in this case, but more “here’s something that went right yesterday.” Quieter than out-and out bragging, but still present, and again, not a rare thing. This is also effective when you’re regularly updating people on what’s up so that only some of the reports are blatantly positive, while most are just keeping people up to speed.
  2. Brag. Seriously brag. But it has to be about your team, not you: “I’m really proud of how my team handled X” or “Did you guys know that yesterday, A and B on my team shut down an attack from M?”
  3. Share kudos you get from others. I do this especially with my supervisor and *her* supervisor: “Hey, just passing along a really nice note from Z about A on my team.”

Putting it in terms of something my team does, these might look like:

  1. As my team preps to launch a new social media campaign, I mention it a few times in the month prior at our daily management meetings: “FYI, we’re pursuing a new concept, where we’re going to blah blah.” Maybe a new idea pops up during our run-up: “As I mentioned last week, we’re going to blah blah, and yesterday, we added yadda yadda.”
  2. The day after the launch, I send out an email with some stats showing successes and I bring it up at that day’s management meeting: “It went really well; here are some readership and engagement stats.”
  3. When someone outside our org compliments what we did, I send that to my boss and her boss.