Rachel Kaberon

Dave, you hit the nail on the head. It’s not the inability to create value that was the problem…it was your inability to communicate it. That is something you can easily remedy. The challenge is to help finance know in the language of finance what the added value of their uptime automation and ledger systems is worth to them. Or to marketing what the value of their enterprise communciations systems contributes, or if you have some collaborative platforms like video conferencing that folks aren’t using..let your directors in on the secrete to cost saving by smarter usage of these platforms. Communicate the value you create using the metrics the organization monitors, the ones that matter to them!

You obviously are a great diplomat and are good at helping others look good, but if you don’t work at helping them more fully utilize the tools and advantages the systems and platforms that your department provides, you are selling both your team and the organization short …no one is getting the full benefits and that includes the natural rush that comes from being appreciated.