Craig Harmon

Good points Rachel. Your mention of underestimated I/T folks brings up another topic: Proactive vs. “Postactive”. Instead of “bragging” after achievements, why not consistently promote what our department/teams is/are capable of doing to help achieve overall org goals – the visions, the missions, etc..

Our Shared Services department (including I/T) began the process of doing just this after we recently assisted them in a much needed re-branding. They were often called upon to solve problems after they became emergencies. Of course this will always remain part of the job description, but now they’re taking a more proactive role in collaborating with departments and educating them on purpose and possibilities so everyone can plan ahead and make more informed decisions. They’re not just putting out the fires, but preventing them.

Everyone can benefit from positive PR – we just have to generate it… and if we’re lucky, it’ll balance out the negatives if/when they surface.