Jaime Gracia

Obviously it is a common thread, but budgetary issues seems to be the common denominator for excuses made by government leadership. I believe this to be a false argument.

Mainly, the biggest issue I see is the institutional calcification of risk aversion, and the inability by government to understand that technology knowledge is almost exclusively with industry. That is not to say that government does not have extremely qualified and knowedge people. They do, and have the pleasure of working with them every day. However, the real innovations in technology, and how they drive performance improvement and efficiencies, is almost exclusive with industry.

To create this bridge and have successful knowledge transfer, it requires a successful recognition of not only this paradigm shift, but the understanding that more comprehensive and active engagement is necessary of industry by government. This is happening through the use of RFIs, one-on-ones, Industry Days, etc. However, it needs to be improved to not just narrow the focus, and create opportunities for more effective strategic market research and a see what really is out there. The tactical market research is usually the point of entry, and may create tunnel vision to the point of restricting competition, or not realizing innovations through comfort with a solution or company offering.

Basically, it comes down to leadership, and the desire to create an environment of sharing ideas to improve. Without that, status quo results.