David Dejewski

Janina – some great points. There is a theory that people rise to senior levels by learning / mastering the “system” as it existed when they gained their authority. This “system” becomes the foundation they rely on to stay in power, and are loathe to mess with it too much.

I love the fact that you personalized your activities in the context of the greater good. You insisted on minimal keystrokes. That’s an awesome example of contributing on a personal level – all well within your control.

I have met many of the people who make decisions to buy stuff. I was responsible for looking at the process they used to do so & recommending (or not) approval for those decisions. There is a tremendous amount of politics involved, but I agree with you 100% that there are things we can do to uncover impacts and make better investment decisions.

The question is – would people like you do them. My guess is that if you’re the type of person to say “no” to unnecessary keystrokes, you’d probably also be the type of person to make Transformation happen in your space if it was something you could have some control over.