Allison Primack

Bradley Ann Morgan also replied on GovLoop’s LinkedIn:

Allison–what a timely posting. I just wrote our monthly ezine on this same topic. Here is an excerpt:
As long as we are not possessed by “success mania”, failure can be a valuable growth experience. Having the freedom to fail helps us to sharpen our competencies much better than only success. According to Craig Weatherup, retired chairman of Pepsi, “Leaders function at their highest when they constantly expand their life experiences, both on and off the job. It’s all about breadth of experiences, which is something only acquired through risk. I acquired breadth of experience by taking small and sometimes big risks, going into the unknown. You will be uncomfortable. You will understand that you just don’t know the answer, and you need to find it.”
If you would like the entire article, happy to send it. Send me your address to, [email protected].