Wow, this is great! Thank you.

What I’m looking for though is not so much a list of types of projects, or a list of agencies, but rather a list of tools – almost like an app marketplace for open government, if that makes sense.

Howto.gov is a step in this direction but it’s more of a reference shelf than a get in, get your tool, get out type of website.

What I want is to go to a website, click on the “OpenGov Market” and find icons – these would be simple apps or links to mobile websites. They would be blank apps for anyone to use (e.g. “event organizer” “suggestion box” and such) – with description, ratings, reviews, examples of them at work (like Rep. Issa’s implementation).

Ideally there would also be a way to implement these as open-source (no cost).

I’d like to have this information at hand for a couple of reasons:

1) Make the case for free off-the-shelf solutions vs. unnecessary custom builds

2) Promote best practices through benchmarking as opposed to “my neat idea”

Great infograph though and very useful data. Thanks for replying.