Pat Izzo

To me, certification only means that a person meets a certain minimum level of project management knowledge and experience. It does not mean that if you have a cert. you are a good PM. There are probably more uncertified PMs that are much better than certified ones. There are many levels of PMs from junior to very senior. As with anyone some people are better at their jobs than others. That is human nature. All certified PM’s are supposed to subscribe to a Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The following section states: “2.2.2 We accept only those assignments that are consistent with our background, experience, skills, and qualifications.” If a PM does otherwise then they will probably make a poor PM. That being said, they could be a poor PM because they are a jerk to begin with and in that case no amount of BESQ’s will help. As with any professional, CPA, PMP, PE, etc. one should evaluate the person not the credential.