Kelly Anderson

Amen. I’ve put down more training solicitation notices and books because 99% of federally focused ones (you know, the ones that deal with the realities of procurement and contract admin) focus on IT projects or on building some massive jet or tank or weapon for DoD. (Not that there’s anything wrong with those . . . if that’s your job!) It’s not just the subject matter that turns me off–most of them are way too detailed and long-term for the real-world situations I face.

I’m tempted to quit this federal racket and start, “PM for the Rest of Us.” 🙂

The differences, though, for those of us doing projects that are a bit more fluid, don’t have ITEMS as their deliverables but programs and policies, and shorter timeframes, are huge. Enough so that I don’t know the skills are translatable. I’d rather have someone with good instincts who can move things along than someone who will lock my project in months of analysis paralysis working on a project risk communication plan. Risk #1–you’re never going to get this money spent by the end of the FY. . . .