Peter Sperry

Terry — I support telework and participated in a private sector program for 4 years where I worked from home and used my own equipment. The stumbling block is the requirments some, not all, government agencies are imposing on employees to participate. I notice that DHS has a telework policy that does not include any of the boilerplate provisions I’ve seen at other agencies (DoD and my own). Seriously, a fire extinguisher and inspections by supervisors? Who came up with those ideas? In contrast the DHS rules seem quite reasonable, at least on telework. If we had similar rules, I would eagerly telework more often but am still not convinced about the hoteling idea. The nature of my work requires significant face time with the boss, so I would need to come in often and like to have a place to call my own. It doesn’t have to be as large as my current office but should at least have a door I can close when needed.